Why is HTTPS important?

November 14, 2018 by Tim Lewis

You may have noticed that when you visit your bank or some other big website online, that the address of the website starts with HTTPS.  The “S” stands for “secure”, and if it’s done right then you will see a little lock next to the name of the website in your browser bar.  For instance on this website in Apple’s Safari, you’ll see a padlock showing the site is secure.

Browser Bar Lock Symbol


What does HTTPS do?

The HTTPS protocol encrypts the traffic between your website and your visitors, and vice-versa.  This is super important so that as your data or your client’s information is transmitted from server to server across the internet, it cannot be read and intercepted.

Why should I care?

As the owner of a website you should care for the following reasons:

  1. Your Google ranking is affected – Google has said that HTTPS is now a ranking symbol, meaning that if your competitors are HTTPS and you are not, they will be ranked above you in the search engines, as secure sites will be listed first.
  2. If you are asking visitors to fill out a form on your website, they will get a warning message that your site is not secure from your browser.  This may cause visitors to go elsewhere!
  3. If your website is built with WordPress, Joomla, or some other content management system – every time you or your webmaster goes in to make a change, they are typing in your password to an insecure site! This makes an easy target for hackers to mess up your site.
  4. Having the HTTPS on your site with the padlock shows visitors that you care about their security, which gives a customers a good first impression of your business.


Adding HTTPS to your site is an inexpensive way to improve your website and show your visitors you care about their security. Contact me to get started!